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If you want the best Local Lawyer for all your Legal Services, Bryan P. Hilton has been offering his services to Douglas County and Metro Atlanta for over 20 years!

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When you’re staring down legal situations, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one fighting for your rights. In fact, many of your Metro Atlanta friends and neighbors have probably felt the same way at one point or another. But when you have an experienced lawyer on your side, one who truly cares about you and your legal situation, you’re never really alone. For well over 20 years, Bryan P. Hilton has been helping some of Metro Atlanta and Douglasville’s finest citizens defend their legal rights. Whether they be in need of legal services for Family Law Situations, DUI Defense, Criminal Defense, Wills & Testaments, Real Estate Litigation, or Probate Services, nobody represents you quite like Bryan Hilton. We guarantee that no other local lawyer will work harder on your behalf than Bryan. If you need Legal Representation, don’t delay! Call the Law Offices of Bryan P. Hilton today, and get yourself the best representation possible!

From Family Law to Real Estate Litigation, and Everywhere in Between, contact Bryan P. Hilton!

Family Law is a topic that many of us are all too familiar with. And for those that have gone through Family Law situations without adequate legal representation, they know how daunting it can be to try and navigate the tricky waters. Child Custody cases are some of the most tense and sensitive cases that we have in our local courtrooms and mediation rooms. Whether you’re fighting for custody of a child, fighting to gain full custody where you only have partial custody, or fighting to deny someone else custody of a child, it can be a very personal and emotionally trying situation. Child Support litigation is just as taxing, regardless of which side of the battle you’re on. Divorce proceedings are unfortunate, but unfortunately necessary in certain situations. If you are looking to file for a divorce, or your spouse has filed and you need professional representation for your legal rights, Bryan P. Hilton is the local lawyer who will fight for you! From Family Law to DUI Defense, Criminal Defense to Will & Testaments, Real Estate Law, Probate Litigation, and so much more, Bryan Hilton is here to represent your needs, and protect your rights!

Family Law – Child Custody, Child Support, Divorces, Adoption Issues, and any other Family Law issues.
DUI Defense – Been charged with Driving Under the Influence? Protect yourself, and call Bryan Hilton.
Criminal Defense – If you’ve been charged with a crime, we will fight to protect your rights.
Wills – No one helps you set up Wills & Testaments quite like Bryan P. Hilton.
Real Estate – Real Estate Litigation can be tricky and cumbersome. But we can help!
Probate – You won’t find another Probate Attorney quite like Bryan P. Hilton.