Douglas County Family Law Attorney

Bryan Hilton is available to assist you in a wide variety of Family Law areas. Because Bryan understands the importance of receiving the best care for your family, he is dedicated to making sure that your family receives the best outcome and legal assistance that he can provide.

Areas of Practice within Family Law

Are you fighting for custody of your own child, or another child in your life whom you feel will receive better care in your home than in their current home?

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Is your child behind in financial support from their other biological parent?

Bryan can walk you through the process and help you understand what benefits you are eligible for.

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Has your spouse recently had an affair? Are you a victim of Domestic violence? Is your spouse caught up in an addiction?

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In the U.S. there are currently around 400,000 children awaiting adoptions.

Whether you are looking to adopt from Foster Care, complete a Relative Adoption or complete a Step-Parent adoption Bryan Hilton is the attorney you will want on your side walking you through the process. Learn More

When someone fails to follow through on a Court Order, they may be facing being charged with a Civil Contempt Case.

Things such as Failure to pay child support, Failure to follow through on Child Visitation rights, or failure to pay attorney fees all fall under this category.

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You Don't Have to Do It Alone

If your family is facing any of these issues, please do not try to handle them alone.

Allow Bryan to walk with you through these processes.

He is experienced and knowledgeable and will lead you down the best path for your family.

Call Bryan today at (770)920-2124 for immediate peace of mind.

Why Choose Bryan?

Why should you hire Bryan as your Family Law Attorney? Beyond his credentials and experience, here are a few other reasons that you will want Bryan on your side when it comes to your family.

  • Bryan has two children and a wife who he is deeply committed to.
  • His family is very important to him and he takes great joy in being able to spend time with them.
  • Bryan also understands the importance of his “work family” and is committed to them as well.